A Natureza



The destination Cataratas is home to the extremely rich Iguassu Forest which is one of the most important biological reserves of Latin America. It is estimated that more than one million hectars of forest still exist in the region.

In this impressive reserve, we can can find one of the most marvelous spectacles on earth, the Cataratas of Iguassu. Two enormous national parks, one on the Brazilian side and another on the Argentine side, guarantee the natural beauty of the Cataratas and the surrounding jungle. Both of the parks were recently reformed and revitalized allowing a more comfortable and lower impact experience for visitors. Improvements include first-aid stations, ample restrooms, public phones, restaurants, leisure areas, luncheonettes, shops, public transport systems and visitors centers.

The waterfalls generate mist that permeates the canyon vales creating an environment similar to a cloud forest with a microclimate propitious for bromeliads, orchids and other airplants. Beautiful birds with brilliant iridescent colors such as toucans, tanagers and parrots can be easily viewed. Hundreds of butterflies fly through the forests and waterfalls. For the visitor who would like to get into more intimate contact with the rich natural ecosystem.natureza1_200px

For discerning visitors from countries around the globe, the Iguassu Forest fulfills their fantasies and dreams to be able to feel, up close, pure nature still uncontaminated by human hands.