Message from the Director




Dear Operator,


Convenio-tur, a company specialized in International Incoming Travel and Events, has cultivated a relationship with the international travel market by fulfilling the most demanding needs in leisure and business travel. With a modern infrastructure and a staff of qualified professionals, Convenio-tur is capacitated to act as a “full agency” providing the appropriate solutions for our clients, from the most sophisticated event in a five-star hotel to expeditions and radical sports in the middle of the jungle. We are prepared and accustomed to the variables of our beautiful theatre of operations – the Cataratas and the Three Borders region.

For Convenio-tur, strict quality control, personalized service and the rigorous fulfillment of all contracted orders is not only part of our professional philosophy but also orients our relationship with all of our clients and suppliers. Our agency is totally computerized and on-line, guaranteeing agility and total control of all of our operations.

Our objective is to serve your client in the best possible manner. If your passenger thanks you, we will have fulfilled our goal. Iguassu Falls is a fascinating destination with superlative attractions, both natural and man-made. We want to punctuate our visitors’ stays with unforgettable experiences. Besides the enjoyment of the attractions, we strive so that punctuality, respect, safety, comfort and quality information become part of our visitors´ stay.

We are at your service and are ready for any special requests or suggestions for improvement, after all, our staff works for you!




Enio Eidt - Director